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Sacramento is California’s capital for largely unknown reasons, at least for today’s juveniles. That shouldn’t diminish the city’s rich history, however.

Despite being only the 7th largest city in California, Sactown was the most logical choice to become the capital because it had become the designation point for new settlers looking to strike big in the middle of the Gold Rush. With the influx of gold miners, other businesses followed giving the city a solid economic base.

Fast forward to today and Sacramento hasn’t lost its appeal. It has a bustling coffee shop industry (although many coffee lovers outside the city have no idea about it), frozen-treat institutions (Who doesn’t love ice cream?!), and is America’s farm-to-fork capital. (Seriously, how does FRESH PRODUCE ALL YEAR ROUND sound?) Although the Kings do suck at the moment (Hello, Boogie!), everything else in Sacramento doesn’t.

Did you know? Sacramento’s hottest day ever recorded is 115 degrees Fahrenheit (over 46 degrees Celsius) and has experienced snowfall only three times in the past 100+ years? Not a big deal, though, because that means you’ll have a lot more time biking and walking outdoors.

While many people don’t realize that Sacramento is California’s capital, the city’s stance on medical marijuana is unmistakable. It was even called the “heart of cannabis reform.”

Sacramento Medical Marijuana Doctors

While many people don’t realize that Sacramento is California’s capital, the city’s stance on medical marijuana is unmistakable. One blog even called Sacramento the “heart of cannabis reform.”

Almost a year ago, the Sacramento City Council even passed an ordinance that allowed cannabis to be grown inside buildings, a move applauded by the California Cannabis Industry Association. That’s great news for people like you who need (or may need) medical marijuana for your conditions. There are almost 3,000 cancer patients in the city, according to the National Cancer Institute, and countless others who suffer from such health problems as fibromyalgia, MS, HIV-AIDS, glaucoma, and many others.

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Cannabis News for Sacramento, California

Sacramento is getting ready to accept marijuana commercial cultivation applicationsCity Council member Jay Schenirer thinks it’s a “logical step” that the city needs to take at the moment.

In February last year, Sactown has allowed marijuana to be grown inside large buildings. California Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director Nate Bradley was surprised by Sacramento’s stance on the legalization of marijuana because the city is widely known to be highly conservative.

Sacramento City Council members voted 5-3 to approve licensed cultivation within the city limits. The ordinance’s authors estimated that the industry could turn out 20,000 more jobs.

Cannabis Resources for Sacramento, California

Cann Medical. A professional medical marijuana patient services owned and operated by a physician.

EZ Tree. Free delivery service on a minimum $30 purchase within Sacramento.

South Sac Care Center. A duly licensed dispensary, they have provided the citizens of Sacramento access to medical cannabis since 2009.

Sacramento NORML. Aims to keep the public informed about the latest in medical marijuana legalization.