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The city of Irvine was incorporated in 1971.  Since then, it has developed to be a nationally renowned city, with a population of more than 250, 000 people.  The history of Irvine city is not an extensive one; however, the Irvine region in general has a rich and long history, owing much to agriculture, ranching and, of course education.

Irvine, home to some of the sharpest people in the country, attributes parts of its laudable intelligence levels to the caliber of scholars and faculty at one of the most admired research institutions, University of California Irvine.

The 66-mile- city is termed as one of the country’s safest and most thriving master-planned urban communities. An enterprising business atmosphere, top-rated education institutions, sound environmental stewardship and appreciation for diversity, all add to Irvine’s desirable quality life.

Did you know archeologists have found proof that people settled in the Irvine locale at least 12, 000 years ago?

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If you are looking for legal access to medical marijuana in the city of Irvine and its environs, then you are in the perfect place. We guarantee the fastest and most secure way in Irvine to attain your medical cannabis recommendation and card by being evaluated with our qualified doctors online.

Gone are the days of waiting thirty minutes in a queue, only to be taken to another get-in-line, to wait for forty minutes, just to see a physician.  With our services, patients can get access to a doctor online, within seconds. After a short, confidential evaluation, approved individuals can get their medical marijuana card right away, and recommendations for what they need to curb their particular situation.

Durable and convenient, our medical cannabis cards can help law enforcement recognize you as a legal patient. Most importantly, they can also be used to access a network of dispensaries all over the country.

We make getting your Irvine medical marijuana card easy so that you can concentrate on your health and recovery. Just make a few clicks on your laptop, and come face-to-face with our licensed medical marijuana doctor. We are ready when you are!

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Cannabis News for Irvine, California

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For example

Irvine bans marijuana dispensaries, delivery and cultivation Jan. 13, 2016.   “Dispensaries are not authorized in the City of Irvine because we do not issue licenses for businesses that plan to operate in a way that is inconsistent with state and federal law.”

Council Reconsiders Allowing Pot Deliveries Feb 2016.  “He’s so concerned he could get busted, I said to him, ‘You’re 72 years old and somebody’s going to pull up to your house and they’re going to bust you when you’ve got cancer?  If they bust ya, I’ll come get ya out. I’ll put up your bail.” 

Police And Prison Guards Fight Calif. Marijuana Legalization With Big Money.  “Legalization supporters have far outstripped opponents when it comes to fundraising, gathering $2.25 million into their war chest by February. $1 million from billionaire Napster co-founder Sean Parker and $500,000 from the Irvine-based company Weedmaps.”

Public health effects of legalized marijuana.  “In states with a medical marijuana program, a July 2015 study by the Rand Corporation and the University of California-Irvine found reductions in both fatal overdoses from opioids — some as high as 33 percent after five years and admissions to addiction centers relating to opioids abuse. Beginning in 2010, the study found a 25 percent average reduction in opioids fatalities in 10 states with a medical marijuana program, including Colorado and Washington where the results improved following full legalization.”

Cannabis Resources for Irvine, California

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