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Fresno is one of those places that is not as bad as many people purported it out to be. With over half a million people, it is the fifth-largest city in California in terms of population and is colloquially known as the “Raisin capital” because, well, it is practically the birthplace of the raisin industry. As one website noted, Raisin is the city’s wrinkly claim to fame.

Aside from raisin, Fresno also produces grapes, cotton, nectarines, and peaches. Their major crop production is so great it fetches the city about $3 billion in sales annually, the highest in the United States!

OK, if all these talks about raisins and crops bore the hell out of you, let’s get right to the best part. Fresno is only a few hours drive away from everything exciting—the Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia national parks only a few hours drive away, with ski places and beaches likewise in close proximity!

What was essentially described back then as an “uninviting and barren” land not only became a crop production hub but is also attracting a steady stream of young people nowadays. Fresno has been named as one of the best places to live for people under 35 years of age for a varied but economy-centric reasons. Fresno is not much of a “professional sports” city, but a variety of manufacturing companies abound in the area. The American Carrier System, Lehman’s, EBPP, Inc., Dreyer’s Ice Cream, and many more call Fresno home.

Did you know? According to a legend, Joseph Spinney, dubbed the most corrupt politician in the world, was mayor of Fresno city for only 10 minutes.

If you’re living in Fresno, we can hook you up with a medical cannabis card after a thorough evaluation of your condition. This will legally give you access to nearby dispensaries or any other dispensary in the state of California.

Fresno Medical Marijuana Doctors

Fresno, like the conservative place that it is, initially placed a ban in 2014 preventing ALL indoor and outdoor marijuana growths. That has changed in 2015, where the city council decided to allow four-plant indoor grows while keeping the heavy fines that accompanied the ruling in 2014.

Nevertheless, even if Fresno does not allow dispensaries in its jurisdiction, you may still acquire an online medical marijuana card in Fresno. By using our services with the help of legitimate medical doctors, we can hook you up with a medical cannabis card after a thorough evaluation of your condition. This will legally give you access to nearby dispensaries or any other dispensary in the state of California.

This is good news for the estimated 3,200 cancer patients in Fresno, or for countless others who are suffering from fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and much more. Getting back most of your life is now just a click away, so do yourself a favor and contact us!

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Cannabis News for Fresno, California

Despite the ban, medical marijuana users in Fresno are finding ways around it. Medical cannabis users in Fresno like wheel-bound Diane Kirby don’t want to break the law but is forced to take matters into her own hands with the help of friends.

Fresno County’s strict ban on all commercial marijuana production seems to contradict Proposition 64Fresno County Counsel Dan Cederborg pointed out that no ordinance could supersede any law made legal through the state.

The conflicting laws (federal and state laws) regarding marijuana led Zack Davis of Visalia to subscribe the situation as “a highway with no speed laws”.

Is Fresno ready for legal recreational use of marijuana? A medical marijuana advocate would like the city to change its strict stance on cannabis use.

Cannabis Resources for Fresno, California

Fresno Cannabis Association. The FCA aims to educate Fresno area residents about the use of marijuana hemp, plant, and the issues that surround medical marijuana use. The health organization believes that health decisions should not be under law enforcement scrutiny but only discussed between patient and doctor.

Trabuco Holistic Care. Delivery service that allows members to order cannabis online provided they have medically allowed for marijuana use.

Veterans MMJ Association. A forum educating members regarding Medical Marijuana relative California state and federal laws. This is a non-profit organization endeavoring to serve Veterans.